Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our new life together

September 5, 2007

Well I thought that my first blog should be about my new life. Everyone was wondering why Washington? Well that is easy Steve got a job offer out here. Maybe I should start a little father back. It started about six months after I moved back home from Flordia working at Disney. I had been just hanging out at home and my brother asked if to go out with him and his friends so that I just was not at home. So I went out with them and that is how I met Steve. After a little bit we started to date. And then we went on a couple of vacations together. The second time that we went to Disney though it was different. Steve proposed. When we were planning Steven told me that if he said that we have to be some where at this time not to question him, because he knew that I would. So the first full day down there we went to AK and Steve said that we have to leave be no later then 3pm. So I just went along, also their is a dress code so I had to dress up. I did not ask any questions I just got ready. We did not rent a car so we had to take the bus and then the monorail so I knew that it was at 1 of 3 resorts. Then the monorail broke down. But they said that they would hold our priority seating. So we got off at The Grand Floridian and Steve told me we were eating at Victoria & Albert's OH MY GOD!!! So they sat us and then handed us a tri-folded paper it was our menu each one had our name on it. It was a six course meal. So right before the last course he looked at me and pulled a box out of his coat, I almost started to cry. He looked at me and said "You know what I 'm going to ask, but will you marry me?" I was in shock but I said "Yes". Then after they brought out desert they brought us new menus congratulating us so that we would have a keepsake. The evening was awesome the ring is gorgeous 3 stone princess cut I LOVE IT!!! AND I LOVE STEVEN!!! So then comes the planning. The big day was May 26. Also we had to plan the honeymoon. For the honeymoon we went on a tour of Europe for two weeks and finished it with four days at Walt Disney World. Well the time flew by and the day finally came. By this time Steve had just finished school and taken all his FAA tests and pasted. So he was about to loss his job with Farmer Jack because they were going under which they now have. So Steve was taking job offers for three months before the wedding. I also quit my job right before the wedding. So Steve was looking at a couple of different jobs but it came down to which one had the best benefits and the one out here in Washington. So after we came home from our wrilwind honeymoon we had to finish packing and move across country. Boy was that a drive. It took us five days to get here. But now we are here and we are going to stay for a little while at least. When people would ask where are you moving to a would say this little town called Everett, but when we got here come to find out it is a large city. Steve just works up the street from where we live. He took the job with Goodrich ATS (he works on planes). And while I need to find a good job I am working at Public Storage for now. I have put in apps all over just waiting to hear back. I kept applying every week for new jobs. So the next thing for me is to go back to school. But the next thing for us is the search for a house, land to build a house, or a new apt. We are also thinking about adopting a pet. But we do not know if we want a cat or a dog. We are loving married life. And the fact that we are starting fresh in a new state with all new people. More to come later.

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