Sunday, September 6, 2009

Half way through training

October 26, 2007

Well training is going ok. But we are a full day behind. Because we have a couple people in our class that are just bone heads. I am doing good I have gotten 4 100% on the four written assessment that we have taken and their are still two more they are not what I am worried about. It is the projects their are also 6 of them. We finished one and I got a 96%, we should of finished the second one last night but those bone heads. I am riveting for the first time and using air tools that I have never used before. It is a lot of fun. The class started out with 20 people and is down to 16. It will be down a couple more real soon. We ase given an alotted amount of time for each project and what we don't finish we get marked down for. We need to keep an 80 avarage in each part. Well more to come later.

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