Sunday, September 6, 2009


January 10, 2008

The new year has been great. I know it has only been 10 days but it is great. This past sunday we ordered a new bed, it comes in next saturday. I start my new job at Boeing tomorrow. I found a new dentist well that part has not been great. I need two crowns, I cracked a tooth and that is why I found a new dentist. But everything else has been great. Padme' has gotten so big, but we think that she has stop growing, which is fine. She is about 10 inches tall, between 15-16 pounds, 18-20 inches long. She is finally house broken yea!!!!!!!!!! So for the rest of the year we have lots of plans. Well after we get the new bed a good night sleep I can't wait. We want to go see a hockey game in Canada but we will see how the money is. Because the Red Wings are coming but it is in February and we will have to take Padme' and we don't know where we would stay. Then in May we are going to Disneyland I can't wait. Yes we are taking Padme' we have already look in to it. Then my mom and dad are coming to visit in June. I m also going to try to go home for Amanda's wedding at the begining of June. Then after my parents leave we will be getting another puppy Anakin. Then Steven's parents are coming to visit. We think in August. Then our lease is up in October. So we will have to move in to a house we hope. O yea we are looking for a house all this time also. Because we plan on staying out here till Im done with school. Well that is about all for now I need to get some rest early day tomorrow. Miss you all. Love Ya.

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